Our History

AR Media Productions was founded by two friends from university, Adam and Ryan – the A and R of our names respectively.  We were on the second floor of a lovely café in Bruges, Belgium when we registered the name of the company.  Since the beginning we have committed ourselves to sharing great stories and helping businesses grow.

We have had the pleasure of working with quite a few businesses and non-profits throughout Virginia and the US.  Our home base is here in Virginia, where we work and play, but in today’s ever-shrinking digital world we have the expertise you need to grow your marketing efforts wherever you are.  We have worked with schools, manufacturers, writers, and more. Online start-ups to established brick-and-mortar businesses.  Businesses just like yours.

We treat each client like family, working with you to develop the best marketing strategies for your business.  Our customers have a lot to say about our professionalism, quality, and drive to truly help your business grow.  We collaborate with highly qualified creators and technicians to bring you the best digital media management being offered.  We are dedicated to ensuring you quality services that impact and reach your clients so that your business grows.

Our Team

Adam Bova

Producer + Strategist | Man with the Plan

Danielle M. Thompson

Director + Editor | Detail Wrangler

Ryan Pace

Cinematographer + Editor | Magic Maker

Our Clients